Terms of Use

As of July 19, 2021                                                                                                                www.maribelle.net


The Website and or Mobile Application Terms of Use are as follows:


By accessing ad using the Site or APP (“Mobile Application”) or by clicking a box that states you agree or agree to these Terms you signify your agreement to ad intent to be bound by these Terms. The Terms apply to all users of the Website or APP. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use the Site or APP or any information contained herein.

By signing up for, or using the Maribelle services or any of the services of Maribelle.net or its affiliates (“Maribelle”) you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”). The services offered by Maribelle under the Terms include various advertisements and marketing campaigns from local small business. Only family owned or individually owned shops (No Corporations) are Allowed. As a member you’ll get Exclusive discounts and Offers from Family owned or Individually owned shops and or services. These include online services, in person, or both. Any such posts for advertisements (discounts and exclusive offers) are referred to in these Terms of Use as the “Services”. Any new features or tools which are added to the current Services shall be also subject to the Terms of Use.

Maribelle (https://www.maribelle.net) reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Use at any time in the future.

Maribelle reserves the right to remove any member or Shop. Maribelle (https://www.maribelle.net) is not and will not be liable for any legal matters between members and shops, members and members, shops and shops or any misconduct that may or may not happen.

Requirements for All Members of Maribelle are as follows:

  1. No inappropriate advertisements, marketing campaigns and or discounts and offers

  2. No inappropriate behavior will be tolerated

  3. No Politics in any way shape or form will be tolerated

  4. All advertisements, marketing campaigns, discounts offered, exclusive or special offers are controlled by that “specific shop and owner”.

  5. Owners of these shops can add and remove their offers and discounts or anything alike at any time.

  6. All offers, discounts, exclusive deals or anything alike are subject to the Shop Owners Approval.